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Gauze Roll Bandages- Non Sterile

Welcome to Bandages Online, your first resource for the best selection of hi-quality wholesale bandages, founded by emergency safety service personnel who depend on the finest equipment and products available to be prepared in an emergency situation. Many of the products we offer are currently being used by Lifeguard Agencies, Fire Departments, Hospitals, Governmental Agencies, Schools, CPR Instructors, as well as businesses and families. We take pride in offering exceptional products at the most competitive online prices. Since many of our employees come from an emergency safety service background, we are able to offer additional insight into the needs of our customers. We offer Adhesive Plastic & Fabric bandages, Butterfly bandages, Spray-On bandages, Dressing gauze pads, and much more to satisfy our customers needs.

We also feature a great selection of first aid supplies which are available to our customers at For your convenience the two websites are linked which enables our customers to purchase supplies from both sites and use the same secure shopping cart.

Our mission is to ensure the health and safety of families and businesses worldwide offering the best quality at the lowest possible prices.

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